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Professional rental service for you and your guests.
Are you looking for a maintenance company?
Are you looking for quality?
Then you are looking for us!
All the work organised down to the last detail. Service, that's what we're going for.
Selling or buying your property professionally?
La Caza is your real estate agent!

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Testimonials of home owners

On this page you will find all testimonials of holiday home owners who rent out their holiday home through La Caza. Curious what we can do for you as a home owner of a holiday home on the Costa Blanca in Spain?

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Fam. Vermeulen

We never imagined that La Caza could realize so many bookings in a crisis. But they did!

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Fam. Heslenfeld

We as owners of Panorama Hills rent an apartment through La Caza. It's a relief that all administrative and financial processing is provided by La Caza. They also arrange the final cleaning and linen. I would add a compliment: La Caza provides good control and a perfect housekeeping. Even if we make use of it ourselves it's not a problem.

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Dhr. en mw. Hopmans

We have built our house ourselves. We decided to rent it and came in contact with La Caza. Besides a very good occupancy, the communication between us and La Caza is very good. Also the payment of the rents arrive before the guests do!

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Dhr. Ten Wolde

This house we bought as an investment, but to rent it again: that's another story. At La Caza we are at the right place. They are active in the area and the concern is there also. Nice!

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