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Professional rental service for you and your guests.
Are you looking for a maintenance company?
Are you looking for quality?
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All the work organised down to the last detail. Service, that's what we're going for.
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La Caza is your real estate agent!
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Rental Service

A property in Spain is a dream. As the owner of a property in Spain you know that better than anyone. The wonderful climate, beautiful nature and endless beaches make a home in Spain a rich possession. With a partnership with La Caza as a local service organization, it does not feel like renting your house is a second job. La Caza provides rental service on site and is located midway between the accommodations.

The team of La Caza works now already more than ten years with pleasure to provide professional rental service for owners on the Costa Blanca. We are La Caza!: More (new) homeowners and renters appreciate our creative and friendly way of working and service.

The main activities of La Caza are on site, providing all services related to the rental such as: receiving guests and handing over keys, registering the property with the Generalid de Valencia, registering the guests with the Guardia Civil. Service in case of calamities or malfunctions, care of bed and bath linen, final inspection and cleaning.

You can confidently relax while we advertise your house, take over the communication with the guests, process payments, a detailed explanation and service of care your home to guests and the final delivery and inspection at the end of the rental period.

Flexibility, short lines, creative, surprising and a top service are characteristic of La Caza. We do this on its Spanish-Dutch: sober, practical and together. With a large drive for results and returns.

Do you prefer to leave the rental service to professionals?

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  • Your results is our business
    And that is what we immers ourselves in thoroughly
  • We always invest in the long term relation with our clients3
  • With over 11 years of experience we rule the business of property management4
  • Our team is ready to get to work for you!5
  • It's all about service with La Caza6
  • We are La Caza, we deliver services that makes you happy7
  • La Caza wishes you sincere service8
  • Always with a large dose of energy we are at your service9
  • Last but not least, it is great to work with us10
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