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Professional rental service for you and your guests.
Are you looking for a maintenance company?
Are you looking for quality?
Then you are looking for us!
All your gestoria work organized to the last detail. Provision of services, that is what we stand for.
Selling or buying your property professionally?
La Caza is your real estate agent!
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Communication & Financial

Always the right communication service

The years of experience and specialization of La Caza is particularly effective with this service. This service is intended especially for handling more complex calls and e-mails often in a foreign language with tenants, wherein it is of importance that there is taken quick and efficient action.

Through our years of experience in the section and by the fact that we use very experienced colleagues for these conversations which makes more bookings and a flawless course of the entire booking process.

Using advanced web-based systems keeps you as the owner constantly informed of bookings and any further financial processing.

Of course you will receive feedback directly them in any way you want.

Briefly: With this service, we take care of the entire communication and financial processing of reservations fully transparent and available for inspection by you as the owner.

With a healthy dose of perfectionism for this profession we go to work for you with a lot of pleasure and a fresh look!

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