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All your gestoria work organized to the last detail. Provision of services, that is what we stand for.
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We cannot make it any more fun, but we can make it easier.  

Taxes: Do you have a tax-related question? Do you need reliable help with your taxes? A profound and correct tax advice is of great importance. We support and guide you in making the right fiscal choices.

La Caza is the right address to turn to for your income tax return. You will provide us the information based on our checklist and we will ensure a speedy settlement.

Processing, reporting and advice in respect of the income tax and capital levy for both residents and non-residents in Spain. Payment of local taxes such as property tax (IBI), waste charges, and vehicle tax for Spanish vehicles. 

  • Income tax return
  • Tax return for non-residents
  • Inheritance tax declaration
  • Registration at tax office
  • Applications for IBI (property tax)
  • Registration as Autonomo
  • Vehicle Tax
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