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Professional rental service for you and your guests.
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All your gestoria work organized to the last detail. Provision of services, that is what we stand for.
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Do you find insurance to be difficult? We like to make it easy for you with all your insurances. We ensure to set all options on order and help you choose and take out an insurance. Experts are ready to offer advice and to answer your questions.

We bring consumers, insurers and other parties together, to improve products and services for customers. At our office we offer advice and can arrange for taking out an insurance. We negotiate with insurance companies on competitive rates and good terms. But we also settle claims and make changes. Where possible, we check every year whether you have the right insurance.

La Caza is THE gestor who will go beyond help. We adapt our advice to your situation. What is important to you? We help you to see, to prevent and to insure potential risks. Not only when it comes to your private matters but also your business matters. We are happy to arrange that for you. So you do not have to worry about anything. La Caza brings you further along.

La Caza can help you with car insurance, motorcycle insurance, household insurance, home insurance, legal insurance, liability insurance, travel insurance. With La Caza you can arrange it all under one roof, quite easy.


Objectively, sound advice

You can count on personal attention and service from our employees. That does not mean ‘just good advice’, we arrange it utterly well for you. Also when you will have to appeal to the insurance at any time.

After all, convenience, certainty and service are paramount. As an objective partner, we stand on one side only: your side!

To arrange something right also means to arrange something swiftly. E.g. in the event of damage you can report the damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to La Caza through internet. We will then take care of further processing.

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