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Real Estate Calpe

Welcome to Real Estate La Caza Calpe. A professional real estate agency with sufficient expertise, marketing tools, an extensive network, integrity, extensive experience and driven and professional staff. As a seller or purchaser of a villa in the region Calpe you only want the best. 

You are looking for an agent of agency La Caza.

Full service real estate agency and financial services

On our website you will find all the information about our office and the complete range of the services that we offer to buy or sell a villa in Calpe. We offer personalized brokerage services in the field of purchase and sale of bath, villas and apartments. We also offer, services related to rental.

Real Estate Agency La Caza is happy to give you advice for your mortgage or your insurance.

Broker with market knowledge in Calpe

Market knowledge, always excited, continue to innovate and a realistic view of the housing market of Calpe, where we have gained a lot of experience over the years in the region of Calpe. Do you intend to sell your house or to buy a villa in Calpe, or would you like to know what your villa or apartment is worth? Please feel free to contact us!
The market knowledge of the real estate, we have acquired over the years of experience in and around Calpe. We know what is going on, what people wish and what the prices are. Because of this we can estimate well where the buyer is looking for. Because we average about 200 homes in the sale, we have every day new buyers.

By listening we often know quickly what these candidates are looking for in Calpe.

La Caza Broker Calpe, a versatile look on real estate

Agency La Caza Calpe, a versatile look on the housing market and is completely at home in Calpe and can ensure that the step to buy a villa or apartment is a deliberate step. We combine many years of experience in the housing market in Calpe and surroundings with a high-quality service. Here are “personal”, “bright” and “involved” the key words. With us you are the central. We advise, guide and explain clearly. And we ensure that each customer makes a well thought decision.

Contact the Agency La Caza Calpe

Are you looking for a reliable real estate agent in Calpe and surroundings? Please contact us when you are looking for a home in Calpe, then it might be interesting to browse through our properties. Here you will find always our current range of property for sale in Calpe, so you know exactly what we have to offer.

You will see our signs everywhere and that is not for nothing!

We offer professional provision of services