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Professional rental service for you and your guests.
Are you looking for a maintenance company?
Are you looking for quality?
Then you are looking for us!
All the work organised down to the last detail. Service, that's what we're going for.
Selling or buying your property professionally?
La Caza is your real estate agent!

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Home owners - Your advantages

Working with La Caza offers you, the home owner, a high degree of freedom and flexibility. You wish to generate extra income from your holiday home but also like to stay there yourself. Furthermore, you want a maximum return for minimum effort. We have listed the benefits below.

Working with La Caza is free of charge to a home owner. We work on a ‘no reservation no fee’ basis and only charge a commission when your house is rented through us. Your property including a full photo report and property description is listed on our website for free.

All reservations made through our reservation system are stored. La Caza will keep you informed on all possible matters regarding your property.

Reduce your paperwork

You can reduce your administrative paperwork by renting out your holiday home by La Caza. Set your mind at rest and let us take care of all the complex (rental) administration. We will take care of all the correspondence, travel documents and provide a full billing service.  La Caza will keep in touch with your tenants.

You no longer need to advertise or to maintain a complex website. We also take care of the final cleaning. Moreover, we offer an additional 24-hour service when you have guests staying in your holiday home.

We fully understand that you as the owner are careful about your valuable property. La Caza is critical in accepting any reservations and selective in allowing guests into your holiday home. Our guests are respectable and generally belong to higher income groups. We constantly keep you informed on the reservations, provide a full billing service, and even before your guests arrive we have already paid you the rent.

Good Value for Money

The highest possible annual return on the rental of your property is what we aim to achieve for you and in order to achieve this, a clever price is important. Together with you we set the rent which always reflects the quality of the property, the rental period, and of course our years of experience.

Other important advantages

We deal with the entire reservation process, from reservation, payment to aftersales.
Payment security before the arrival of guests.
Personal contact with our Product Support Department.
Emergency service number for both home owner/manager as guest.
Active and intensive promotion of your property. 
A flexible contract enabling you to make use of your property free of charge.  
Professional support and customised advice of our specialists.
Moreover, as a home owner you have access to the results of our customer satisfaction survey.

At least once a year all properties are visited by a dedicated contact person and some members of our staff. This is done not only to inspect the property and to get to know our product, but also because we think a personal contact with the home owner is important. At the end of every season, for instance, together with the home owner we evaluate the customer satisfaction surveys including compliments and areas for improvement.

Throughout the year, we will keep you informed about the reservations and even before your guests arrive we have already paid you the rent. We also have an interesting arrangement to avoid disappointment caused by sudden cancellations.
We offer professional provision of services