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Professional rental service for you and your guests.
Are you looking for a maintenance company?
Are you looking for quality?
Then you are looking for us!
All the work organised down to the last detail. Service, that's what we're going for.
Selling or buying your property professionally?
La Caza is your real estate agent!

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La Caza fulfills with this team, with all the noses to the same side a leading role in the rental of luxury holiday villas in Spain. With heart and soul, we are ready for our homeowners.
Dutch entrepreneurship is written with capital letters in our DNA. A bold approach, quality and integrity are the Foundation of your and our success.

Employee in the field

Our contractor in the field. A great personality!
Reyes Electricity specialist

Passion for electric power, air conditioning and everything to do with tension, now 8 years with us.
Marian Financial administrator. 

Responsible for financial settlement and delivers a lot of creative input during brainstorming sessions. Motivates everyone with her positive energy.
Bert Project manager 

Responsible for planning and organization of all jobs. Picks up any technical challenge and let it seem easy.
Marketing employee

Translates ideas into concrete communication and marketing plans,consider advertising concepts and update it to speaking designs.
Martin An expert in final assembly. 

Of the caliber of Martin we can still use ten like him, especially kitchen fitting and adjusting work is written on his body.
John Plumber and super convenient 

For John is it a party to build a space heater system, pallet stove or a traditional c.v. installation.
Paco Maintenance mechanic 

Paco takes care of swimming pools, maintenance air conditioning systems and resolves any interference.
Lydia Director 

Lydia takes care of the daily planning and organization and is responsible for the overall lead.
Thomas Manager construction projects 

Makes jointly of each project a success, Thomas knows where Abraham gets the mustard, and so do we !!!
Pablo Manager of works of construction 

Responsible for the execution of projects of construction
Ton It Department Connoisseur of code

Ton makes our website clickable and provides the best digital view. On any device.
Eugine Craftsman who really understands his profession

A best construction worker, has been working already for ten years for us, let placing tiles on him.
Security service

Sjef is a manager of the overall monitoring and security. And to purchase with a butter cookie.
Receive our guests with lively music

complete with red carpet and related posts 
We offer professional provision of services