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Professional rental service for you and your guests.
Are you looking for a maintenance company?
Are you looking for quality?
Then you are looking for us!
All the work organised down to the last detail. Service, that's what we're going for.
Selling or buying your property professionally?
La Caza is your real estate agent!

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La Caza takes care of:

One-time house cleaning

We take care of a big spring clean which consists of labor of 4 hours. A quote is custom made, depending on the size of the home and the degree of maintenance 

Please feel free to contact us for a custom quote! 

Window cleaning

We can wash all the windows, inside and outside, including the blinds.

Please contact us for a quote!

It is important to keep up the values in your pool throughout the year. Many holiday guests experience it as a very disturbing factor, when the pool is dirty, turning white or even green.

La Caza checks and maintains: 

- the correct amount of chemicals, and if necessary adjust, 

- the removal of dirt on the bottom of the pool, 

- the removal of the dirt from the water surface,

- the filters and clean if necessary,

- the timer of the pump.

Please contact us for a quote!

Your garden is a feast for the eye and you want to keep it that way! At long absence you prefer to enjoy relax and enjoy your holiday without having to go straight into the garden to work.

La Caza checks and maintains:

- the (permanent) operation of the garden irrigation,

- checking the batteries of the timer, 

- the removal of the weeds,

- cleaning of the paths, 

- free from leaves,

- removing dry plants,

- keep the dust of the terraces.

Upon arrival, you can relax and enjoy your stay. Please contact us for a quote!

La Caza takes care of: 

Electrical maintenance

Testing of electronic devices in in and around the house, calls of alarm in case of power failure, reporting to owner.


Follow up calls regarding leakage / water damage, repair of leaks, reporting to owner. 


Follow up calls about gas and oil boiler inspection, repair, reporting to owner.


Follow up calls eg. Loss of key, replacing locks, key management. 

Paint work

For paint work being carried out inside and outside can be a customized quote and work is carried out. 

Pest control

Pest control, pest control for rodents, ants, bees. 

Please contact us for a quote! 

More information will follow

We offer professional provision of services