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Holiday homes Moraira

Scroll down and view our holiday homes in Moraira and pack your car, train or plane! Going for beautiful sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, majestic hilly landscapes or baking on the Spanish Costa? It's all possible, Moraira is home to all markets!

Book a holiday home in Moraira and travel to the most beautiful coast of Spain. Sun, sea and beach... Here you will have an unforgettable time! Moraira used to be a cute little fishing village, but has now become one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Costa Blanca. As long as the sun shines! Book your ideal holiday home and come and enjoy it here in Moraira!

In a holiday home near Moraira you will experience your holiday at its purest. And that means that you stay in a holiday villa a short distance from the coast, that your evenings are filled with local snacks and wines and that you can explore this beautiful area by car from your private villa at your own pace. That fantastic 'nothing is allowed, everything is allowed' feeling as you only experience it on holiday, that is.

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Spacious detached villa in Moraira with free WiFi.

Suitable for the whole family, this detached house with private pool and spacious sun terrace and bedrooms with air conditioning.

4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
8 Persons

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General information about Moraira

Moraira and surroundings

Welcome to your holiday home in Moraira! The coastal area where the holiday homes in Moraira are located has been a popular holiday destination for many years and that is of course not for nothing. Here you will marvel at impressive cliffs, wander endlessly through charming fishing villages and lick your fingers at the local Spanish cuisine. Yes, both nature and culture lovers will find what they are looking for in Moraira. You will stay in one of the beautiful holiday homes of La Caza near the seaside resort of Moraira, which will undoubtedly surprise you with its picturesque bays, natural surroundings and historic centre. From your holiday home you will definitely visit some of the gems that you can expect in the surroundings of Moraira? Well, for example, the famous Playa de la Granadella beach and the Castillo de Moraira. Another very photogenic place is the open air museum Torre del Cap d'Orde. From your holiday home with your rental car you can drive anywhere you want and you can go wherever you want. Ideal! 


Treat yourself to a tasty cocktail and soak up the sun on the terrace of your holiday house in Moraira. If you prefer to take a dip in the pool instead of the sea, you can go to your own private pool at your holiday home. Be welcomed by the beautiful Costa Blanca during a wonderful holiday in sunny Moraira. This great area you know throughout the year to charm with its beautiful beaches, charming villages and fresh fish. Sense the fresh sea air during a walk on the beach, taste the local Spanish delicacies and visit the attractive center of Moraira. With a rental car at your side you can get much further than Moraira, how about a visit to Calpe or Altea? After this holiday, the Costa Blanca has no more secrets for you! 

Sunny Moraira

Fantastic holiday homes, beautiful boulevards, cozy family beaches, marina, fishing boats and whimsical rock formations that rise from the water.... Welcome to Moraira! This beautiful village has been a popular holiday destination for years. You can go here for lazy days at the beach, for active walks in nature or for a portion of culture or you can just sit back and relax at your holiday home. The local Spanish cuisine is also to enjoy: you can eat plenty of fresh fish, but also taste delicacies such as tapas, paella, cheese and olives in lemon and oil. Add a glass of wine or sangria and the party is complete! 
Book a holiday home in Moraira and travel to the Costa Blanca of Spain. Sun, sea and beach ... Here you will have an unforgettable time!

Moraira used to be a cute little fishing village, but has now become one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Costa Blanca. It is about an hour's drive from the bustling cities of Valencia and Alicante. Because of its sheltered location you will find here the perfect climate. It stops the cold wind from the north, making the winters warm, and the summers are cooler here. This makes it a popular destination for everyone: families like to travel there, golfers like to play a game of golf and it is also ideal for a winter or a week in the sun with the family. In and around Moraira you will have a great time! Even though the fishing boats in the harbour have made way for luxury yachts, the village has certainly not lost its character. In the old historic centre you can taste the Spanish atmosphere. Walk through the narrow streets that are colorfully decorated with trees and flowers, discover authentic Spanish restaurants and be surprised by the beautiful buildings from the Moorish era. In addition, in the morning, afternoon and evening you can enjoy the delicious Spanish gastronomy. There is no lack of good restaurants! A holiday Moraira is enjoying!

Hibernating in Moraira

Well, it's over that beautiful summer again, but not if you're going to spend the winter in Moraira. The end of the summer is slowly approaching. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting fresher and we are getting used to the fact that it is almost Christmas again. Actually you would rather spend the winter in a warm country with warm sunshine on your face. You want to relax on the beach and think of wines or other tasty things on the terrace. Of course you do, because what could be better than summer life? And if you spend the winter in a holiday home in Moraira, you'll live that life a little longer! While everyone in our country under a woolen duvet crawls away for the rough days ahead, you are sunbathing on a beautiful beach in Moraira. On (new) to the sun!

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