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Frequently Asked Questions - My La Caza

What is ‘My La Caza’? 

‘My La Caza’ is your personal and secure website account with La Caza enabling you to manage for instance your reservations, your personal details, address, the directions to the home, and your account statement. Besides, you will find here your final invoice after leaving the holiday home. It is also possible to reserve different items here such as a cot, highchair, towels, etc.

Attn.! The password is capital and space sensitive!

How do I obtain a ‘My La Caza’ account? 

After you have made a reservation through the website, La Caza will send you the reservation details and an invoice by email. After receiving your (down) payment La Caza will automatically send you your confirmation of reservation and your login details.

I can no longer access my ‘My La Caza’ account. How do I proceed? 
On the website please click the button ‘My La Caza’ and next click on ‘Tenant’ and after that you go to ‘Forgot your Password?’. Please enter your email address with which you registered or made your reservation. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Once you click on the confirmation link you will receive a new password enabling you to access your account
How do I change my password? 
After you have logged in to ‘My La Caza’ you can change your password under ‘Your Details’. For security reasons you need to enter your old password once more. If you cannot remember your old password and are not able to login, please refer to the section 'I can no longer access ‘My La Caza’ account'.
How do I change my email address? 

You cannot change your email address. If you wish to change it, you can only do so by sending an email to info@lacaza.nl

I do not receive an email to activate my account or a confirmation email. How do I proceed? 

Sometimes it happens that you do not receive the email which is sent automatically to you after you have registered or reset your password. If you haven’t received an email within 10 minutes, please try again. Please take into account the following points:

  • Make sure you register with a valid email address with ‘My La Caza’. The email will be sent to this address.
  • It may take a few minutes before the email arrives due to a busy web server.
  • Despite the fact that La Caza will do everything in its power to avoid the email to be considered ‘spam’ it may be received as ‘Unwanted Email’.
  • If necessary, add the following email address to your address book: no-reply@lacaza.nl.
Why do you need my bank details? 

If you have made a reservation with us, but you still need to provide your IBAN and BIC codes through ‘My La Caza’, you will be asked to do so after you have logged in. The security deposit you paid for the accommodation will be refunded after your stay and we need these codes in order do so.

Why is my payment not immediately visible in ‘My La Caza’? 

Once your payment has been processed, information will be passed to our system. As soon as this information has been processed, your payment will be visible in ‘My La Caza’. This may take some time. Once you have completed payment and the amount is received by La Caza, your payment will be visible in your statement of account in ‘My La Caza’.


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