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Frequently Asked Questions - Making a reservation

How can I find a holiday home? 

Quick Search
On all pages of the website you will see the text box ‘Find your Holiday Home’ where you can enter your desired date of arrival and departure, and the preferred number of bedrooms. By clicking on ‘Search’ you will be redirected to the result pages. 

Search for accommodations
On top of the screen you see the ‘Holiday homes’ button. By clicking on this button, you will be directed to a page with an overview of all the holiday homes matching your criteria. It is possible to click on the pictures after which you will be redirected to a page with specific information about a holiday home.

How do I know what holiday homes are still available? 

Once you have entered your arrival and departure date, click on the ‘Search’ button. Now, only the available holiday homes will be displayed.

Where can I find the total rental cost? 

Once you have selected a holiday home under ‘Availability and Rates’ it is possible to enter your arrival and departure date, the number of persons, cots and highchairs. By clicking on the ‘Calculate your Price’ button the rent and specifications will be displayed immediately. 

How can I make a reservation for a La Caza holiday home? 

You can quickly and easily make a reservation for a holiday home through our website. Have you found the property of your choice? Once you have selected a holiday home under ‘Availability and Rates’ it is possible to enter your arrival and departure date, the number of persons, cots and highchairs. By clicking on the Calculate your Price button the rent and specifications will be displayed immediately.

By clicking on the Book button the reservations page will appear. You are kindly requested to fill in this page. Once you have done this you click on the Send button and your reservation is made.

What happens after I have made a reservation? 

A reservation through our website
If you have made your reservation through the website we will send you as soon as possible, usually within a few hours, a confirmation and invoice to your email address after which your reservation will be effective.

A reservation by phone
If you have made your reservation by phone, we will send you a confirmation and invoice by email as soon as possible. On the invoice/confirmation you will find more information on the payment terms. About 8 weeks before departure you will receive your travel information by email, including the itinerary, road maps, tourist information and tips about the local area, etc.

How can I make a reservation? 

Through our website

Select any available period under ‘Availability and Rates’ on the property description page and enter the number of persons, cots and highchairs. By clicking on the ‘Calculate your Price’ button the total rent will be displayed. Once you have agreed you proceed by clicking on the ‘Make a Reservation’ button after which you need to fill in your personal details.

Please check all your personal details and complete your reservation by clicking on the ‘Complete Reservation’ button.

Your reservation will be confirmed online and by email.


By phone

You can make your reservation by phone by contacting our Customer Contact Centre.

How do I know what holiday homes are still available? 

When searching online, only the available holiday homes are displayed on the search result page. Select a month and/or a period of your choice to learn which accommodations are still available for that period.

How can I track my reservation? 
All the information about your reservation and payment can be found in ‘My La Caza’. Here you will find full details of your holiday home and of the status of your payment. You will receive the login details once you have paid the amount due.
How do I know if a specific holiday home is still available? 

On the calendar under ‘Availability and Rates’ which you will find on the property description page, only the available dates are shaded and clickable. When you click on a date the price of the holiday home for the selected period will be displayed.

How long in advance can I make a reservation? 

On the calendar on the property description page, you will find the exact period in which it is possible to make a reservation for a specific holiday home. For most homes, a reservation can be made for both the current and the following year. In some cases it is possible to make a reservation on the day of departure, provided that payment is made promptly.

I do not wish to make an immediate reservation. Is it possible to take an option online? 

On almost all accommodations it is possible to take an option which remains valid for 48 hours. If the date of arrival is within six weeks the option remains valid for 24 hours. In that case you have some time for reflection with the guarantee that no one can make a reservation for the property you selected. Only 1 option is allowed at a time. We only consider requests if sent by email through the ‘Contact’ button on the property description page. 

How do I change an option on a holiday home into a final reservation? 

In that case, you should follow the usual reservation procedure.

When making an online reservation, how do I know for sure if I have successfully completed my reservation? 

Once you have filled in all your details on the reservation page and have clicked on Send, you will receive an email confirming that your reservation has been received and is being processed. Usually, you will receive the final confirmation email including the invoice within a few hours. We recommend that you print this page and keep it for your own records. Furthermore, we advise you to ensure timely payment. If you do not receive our confirmation, please contact us at info@lacaza.nl.

What happens after I have paid the (down) payment? 

Once you have made a reservation online or by phone you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice. The confirmation informs you when you need to pay the (down) payment. After receiving it, La Caza will send you your ‘My La Caza’ login details by email. Here you can find all reservation details e.g. the address of the holiday home and, when you filled in all requested details, you will also find information about your travel schedule and receiving the keys of your holiday home. 

NB The ‘Distance Selling Regulations’ do not apply on contracts for the provision of accommodation. Therefore, you cannot exercise your Right of Withdrawal (‘time for reflection’) of 14 days.

Can I change my reservation? 

If you wish to make any changes to your reservation, please contact the Customer Contact Centre by email or by phone. The cost for this service is € 35. If you wish to adjust the length of your stay or the accommodation, a cancellation fee may apply. 

Does a baby count as a full member in our party? 

A baby counts as itinerant person. At each holiday home is stated how many people are allowed. This is the total number of adults and children that is allowed to stay in the villa. In some cases it is allowed to exceed this total by 1 or 2 babies from 0 to 2 years.

You can not assume that additional inventory or a baby bed is present. When you exceed the number of guests with a baby to 2 years, you will need to provide a bed for yourself or you can hire via La Caza immediately at the time of booking. You can also do this after booking via "My La Caza".

Do you doubt if the number of persons is suitable for a particular villa, Please contact La Caza! We will be happy to help you.

Will there be someone in the holiday home at my arrival and departure? 

When you have filled all the required information completely in "my La Caza" you will see a schedule from a week before your arrival and key collection time at your home by a La Caza manager. In 'my La Caza' is stated how the arrival is regulated.

The La Caza employee or house owner/administrator will receive you on site at your accommodation. He/she will give you immediately the necessary explanations about the property and hand over the key. The same goes for the departure, unless you made other agreements on the spot. 

In your schedule for key transfer is asked to contact the La Caza employee by app or sms on the day of your arrival an hour before your actual arrival time at the home. In this manner you can agree on the definite time of arrival at the villa for a smooth transition of keys.
What should I do in case there is nobody to meet me at the holiday home upon arrival? 

In the travel information you receive, you will find the contact details of the La Caza Manager.  Please phone the manager when the home owner/manager has not arrived within the times mentioned.

Is it possible to arrive or leave at a different time? 

It is possible to arrive or leave at a different time within the period of your booking if agreed upon a La Caza staff member. If you wish to arrive or leave at a different time you are requested to submit your request to the Customer Contact Centre.

Is cleaning included or should I do it myself? 

You do not have to clean the holiday home yourself, however, you must make sure that the house is maintained in a clean and orderly fashion (‘broom clean’) when you leave. Upon reservation you are always charged a fee for the final cleaning. These costs may vary depending on the holiday home. For more information please refer to the reservation page or by clicking the button ‘Calculate Price’ on the property description page. Once you have made a reservation, more information is also available in ‘My La Caza’.

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