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Frequently Asked Questions - Insurance

Do I need a cancellation insurance? 

We recommend that you take out a travel and/or cancellation insurance with your insurance agent.

Who is liable for any damages? 

You are required to act as a good tenant and leave the home in a clean and orderly fashion. The landlord is not liable for any damages and/or losses of your personal belongings caused by defects of the holiday home/inventory or by incorrect usage. 

The person who has made the reservation is entirely responsible and fully liable for gross negligence and/or for losses and damages to the rental object. The costs for the damages and losses will be deducted from the security deposit. In case something breaks, is damaged or lost, you must inform the landlord immediately and pay for the damage.

What insurances do I need? 

To avoid unforeseen expenditures we recommend you to take out a travel and/or cancellation insurance.

How can I cancel my reservation? 

Please refer to  http://www.lacaza.co.uk/general-conditions.html  for more information.

NB The ‘Distance Selling Regulations’ do not apply on contracts for the provision of accommodation. Therefore, you cannot exercise your Right of Withdrawal (‘time for reflection’) of 14 days.

Who is liable for any damages? 

The tenant is legally liable for any losses or damages to the property. Any losses and/or damages must be reported immediately to the home owner/manager. Any damages must be paid by the tenant and therefore we recommend you to take out an indemnity insurance with your insurance agent.

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