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Frequently Asked Questions - Holiday Homes

Where can I find more information about my holiday home? 

Any specific information about your holiday home and the destination can be found in its description.

It is not allowed to accommodate more people than the maximum number allowed. If the maximum number of people is exceeded, those over the limit will be immediately evicted from the rental home. It is not allowed to put a tent or a caravan in the garden.

How many people can stay in a holiday home?  

The maximum number of people the holiday home can accommodate is indicated at the accommodations page. It is not allowed to accommodate more people than the number you have informed us of in your reservation. For more information please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

Who is responsible for the final cleaning? 

The landlord is responsible for the final cleaning. The (compulsory) fee is indicated at the accommodations page.

Are bed linen and towels included in the rent? 

The rent does not include a fee for bed linen and towels.

A fee for bed linen and towels is automatically calculated and may vary according to the number of persons. You can easily make a reservation for extra bed linen and towels through ‘My La Caza’.

I have a question about a holiday home. How do I proceed? 

For any questions regarding the holiday homes, please contact us by clicking the ‘Contact’ button on the bottom right or just phone us.

What if I have a problem or a complaint during my holiday? 

If there is a problem or should you have any complaint during your holiday, please inform your local contact person (landlord/key holder). If it is not possible to solve the problem in a satisfactory manner, please contact the Customer Contact Centre. 

Does the holiday home have internet access or Wi-Fi? 

This is indicated in the property description. Please bear in mind that internet access abroad may not be as good as you may be used to back home. La Caza is not responsible for availability of the internet and the quality of this service.

Where exactly is the holiday home located? 

Once we have received your payment we will send you the login details for ‘My La Caza’. Here you will find the exact address and the coordinates of the holiday home. In ‘My La Caza’ you will find a link to Google Maps. Here you can find the exact location of your holiday home, as well as travel directions. 

Are bed linen and towels available? 

Bed linen and towels are always available in your holiday home. By clicking on the button ‘Calculate Price’ on the property description page, more information and the fees will be displayed. It is also possible to find this information on the reservations page and once you have made a reservation with us, in your reservation details in ‘My La Caza’.

What are the gas and electricity costs per week? 

In case of normal use the gas and elecitricty use for 4 to 6 persons would be on average around € 40/€ 60 per week. A higher use of gas in the winter period is common.

This is however an estimate, from which no rights can be derived. The actual use of energy differs per  group. It depends strongly on your own way of dealing with it. The use can be monitored by means of the meter positioned in the holiday home. The costs for the use of gas and electricity shall be withheld from the deposit. 

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