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Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

What can La Caza guarantee me? 
La Caza sets the bar high with regard to quality, guarantees and integrity. Look at our quality labels >
My personal details have changed. How do I inform La Caza of these changes? 
You can change your personal details by sending us an email at: info@lacaza.nl
Where can I find La Caza’s rental terms and conditions? 

You can find La Caza’s rental terms and conditions here


How do I make a complaint? 

Should you have any complaint during your stay, please inform your contact person or the manager as soon as possible so that it can be solved as quickly as possible. During your stay the manager is your contact person.

Am I allowed to hibernate in a La Caza holiday home? 
Yes, you are. During the winter season you can rent a holiday home for a longer period. Reservations are made through our website depending upon availability
Am I allowed to bring my dog or cat? 

You are not allowed to bring any pets in your holiday home, unless otherwise agreed upon by the landlord. If and when La Caza has approved to the renter bringing along a domestic animal, then an extra charge of € 50,-will be calculated.

What time can I get into the house? 
In general, Saturday is the day of arrival and departure (changeover day). The house can be occupied between 16.00 and 21.30 hours. After the departure of the previous guests, the house must be cleaned. Therefore, an earlier arrival is not usually possible. The keys will be handed over at our service office in Benissa.
When do I need to check out? 

Generally, arrival and departure is on Saturday (changeover day). Guests are kindly requested to leave their holiday home by 10:00 am ensuring our cleaning staff to get the accommodation ready for the next guests. Therefore, a later departure usually is not possible. If you wish to vacate your holiday home after 10:00 am, you can consult with one of the local staff members through ‘My La Caza’. 

What if I am arriving late due to my flight reservation? 

Upon reservation, please advise us of your estimated time of arrival or, if known, the exact time of arrival. In consultation with one of La Caza’s staff members it is decided whether it will be possible or not to arrive at the time you requested. Please bear in mind that this may involve additional costs. Sometimes, a late arrival will not be possible and (after consultation) you need to check in the next morning.

How many people can stay in a holiday home? Can I invite additional guests? 

The number of people stated in the property description is the maximum number allowed, irrespective of the number of beds mentioned. Babies are included unless otherwise indicated. Upon reservation you need to inform us of the correct number of people arriving and you are kindly requested to notify us of any changes. This also applies to any visitors. It is not allowed to accommodate more people than the maximum number allowed. If the maximum number of people is exceeded, those over the limit will be immediately evicted from the rental home. It is not allowed to put a tent or a caravan in the garden.

Is there a cot and/or a highchair available? 

A cot and/or highchair is not available in the holiday home. When making your reservation it is possible to reserve them. It is also possible to reserve them after you have made your reservation by going to ‘My La Caza’ and clicking on ‘Extras’. You always need to bring your own bed linen for the cot as it is not available.

Is it possible to receive the address of the holiday home? 

After receiving your payment we will send you the address of the holiday home. We are legally bound by privacy laws to give any addresses only after a reservation has been made.


Are there any holiday homes available for physically challenged people? 

La Caza provides you with the most detailed information possible about the accessibility of the holiday homes. You will find full details on the property description page. This should help you to decide whether a holiday home is suitable for you and your party.

Will my personal details remain confidential? 

La Caza respects your privacy and is dedicated to protecting it. Have a look at our privacy policy for more information about how we manage your personal and technical data.

Is it possible to receive a copy of your brochure? 

Full information about our holiday homes including a complete description, lay-out, prices and availability is published on the website. Paper brochures are no longer available because the information on the website is more complete and up-to-date. If you need help in finding the right holiday home through the website, please contact us by phone.

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