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About La Caza - Company

La Caza in Spain

In its capacity of landlord of holiday homes and apartments La Caza is dedicated to ensure quality and reliability. We focus attention on a personal contact with you as a tenant. Since 2005 we have been providing holiday home real estate services from North Costa Blanca. We are firmly embedded in this area and offer the best holiday homes.

Our office is located in Benissa, a centrally located village on the Costa Blanca. A small, very dedicated team maintain contact with both tenants and the La Caza home owners. Through the website of La Caza you make a reservation for your holiday home. If you have a question regarding your reservation or any other question, please contact us by phone or email. We are always ready to answer all your questions, also during your stay.

The Holiday Homes

La Caza is a local company, the staff knows exactly what properties it is renting out and has an intensive contact with the home owners. All La Caza quality holiday homes have to meet with various criteria before they can be rented out through us. You may think of facilities, location, conveniences, state of repair, cleanliness and how our guests are welcomed.

High quality is a theme through our range of holiday homes and the services we offer.

Also, feedback from previous guests plays an important role within quality control. Another theme in our range of holiday homes and our services are your guarantees. La Caza is a very secure place to make a reservation for your holiday home thanks to these guarantees.

Our serious attitude and the commitment of the home owners and managers contribute to a focus on quality.

Local Service

A La Caza service manager will contact you well before your arrival date. 
He or she will be your contact from then on, even during and after your holiday. 

On the day of your arrival, a La Caza service manager will welcome you at the service office and give you the key to your holiday home. Your bed has been made and you will be offered the necessary information about the house and its equipment. 

The La Caza service manager will be happy to help you on your way, if you have any questions about the immediate surroundings. 


We offer professional provision of services